Chairman's Welcome

Welcome to YOUR West Pasco Chamber of Commerce, where we mean business!

We are excited to announce the soon to arrive re-tooled Chamber 3.0. Your Chamber, one of the largest chamber’s in the Tampa Bay area, is preparing new initiatives for 2018-2019 that will help keep our members at the forefront of the fast-changing economic climate. We are determined to change our focus to meet the demands of our member’s businesses.

While networking remains important we are going to increase our efforts toward internet marketing for our businesses as well as significantly ramp up our efforts in the public policy arena. We are going to encourage more of our membership to get on governmental committees and boards so that the voice of the West Pasco Chamber of Commerce and its members can be heard loud and clear. We are also excited to welcome our new president, Liz Juffin.

On behalf of president Liz, the great staff at the West Pasco Chamber of Commerce I urge you to get more involved today and reap the benefits that wait for you and your business!

Successfully yours,

Greg Armstrong

Chairman of the Board 2018
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