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Our Chamber of Commerce is vitally involved with the support and recruitment of businesses that broaden the area's economic base. It sponsors and organizes a number of community programs and assists with events, one of which is the largest in the area, the Chasco Fiesta™.

The West Pasco Chamber of Commerce also represents local business interests at the state and federal government levels. This publication is just one example of the numerous cooperative ventures between the Chamber and our business community. We extend a heartfelt "thank you" to those businesses and companies whose messages appear on the following pages. Their support illustrates the active role the public and private sectors play in West Pasco's well-being.

We invite you, your family, and your business to explore the West Pasco options just waiting to show you why life and commerce on the coast of the gleaming Gulf offers sublime qualities of life and exciting business opportunities. We invite you to stop by the Chamber and pick up some information on the area or buy a ticket to a current event. We welcome you to Pasco County!

This year the chamber celebrates its 21st Business Development Week Logo year hosting Business Development Week. Participate in workshops and seminars designed to enhance your skill and knowledge of the marketplace and help you make the most of your business.

Visit our Chamber Events Page for more information.

Tina Shelton

Chairman's Welcome

Welcome to the West Pasco Chamber of Commerce!

Our Chamber's mission is to promote a favorable business climate for our members and the community.  By providing opportunities for our members to connect with other members through many avenues, we are continually striving to grow and improve our business community.  We recognize that our membes are vital in the success of our mission and will continue to provide opportunities for our members in an effort to improve the economy, political environment and overall quality of life.

Thank you for joining our membership!  We look forward to helping you grow your business!

Best Regards,

Tina Shelton

Chairman of the Board 2016-2017

Florida Luxury Realty

The West Pasco Chamber of Commerce links businesses with other leading area business members, officers, leaders and managers, and elected officials to enhance economic growth and development. Through involvement in and attendance at chamber events, local business leaders are better connected with other business professionals outside of their regular schedule.

Our Mission Statement:

The West Pasco Chamber of Commerce is an action oriented business organization incorporated to promote a favorable business climate for its membership and community. Work with other interested organizations to develop effective mechanisms for taking action on issues of community interest. Provide business leadership for the improvement of the economy, political environment and quality of life.